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Pixicast: New Site, New Show
February 17, 2012 05:01 AM PST

We have moved to pixicast.blogspot.com. Hit the link for fresh independent electronic music from round the cyberglobe.

Pixicast 012 - Virtual Gods
October 31, 2011 08:25 AM PDT
Wide spectrum eclectic electronic. Ambient glitch post rock tech metal house fusion. Australian independent musicians and artists from USA, South Africa, Belgium, UK, Ireland. Hosted by Pixieguts. 01 Native Dog - Ahh Natural Light (Australia) 02 Specta Ciera - A New Name (USA) 03 Runman - The Cheating Game (Australia) 04 Indidginus and OOOD - Madame Blerta's Carnival (South Africa) 05 Big Block 454 - Yockenthwaite (UK) 06 Matt Stevens - Frost (UK) 07 Psy'Aviah - Virtual Gods (Belgium) 08 The Last Sound - OTLKTGIF (Ollie Olsen Remix) (Ireland/Australia) 09 Tricil - The Emancipation (USA) 10 SK123 - Shrunk Rubber Joint (UK) 11 Cwtch - Future Past (UK/Australia) 12 Chris23 - Approach (USA) 13 KiloWatts - Amethyst (USA) 14 Auma - Machromatic (Australia) Download Subscribe on iTunes
Pixicast 011 - Movies With Robots
June 23, 2011 08:46 PM PDT

Voide in Stockholm is back in the hosting chair for a carnival of dubstep, divas, folktronic, dnb, glitch, retro, acoustic, tripfunk. Music from Norway, Canada, Bermuda, UK, South Africa, France, USA.

01 Ugress - It Was A Great Year (Movies With Robots) (Norway)

02 Helen Austin - When We Were Young (HipGnosis Remix) (Canada/USA)

03 1undread - Ya Ya Bass Blues (Bermuda)

04 Matt Stevens - Glide (UK)

05 VPS - I Am A Proxy (Canada)

06 Indidginus and Tripswitch - Sunrise Over Sapporo (South Africa/UK)

07 Double No No - Bullfight (Adrian Carter Remix) (UK)

08 Crimson Death - City of Death (2011 re-master) (Canada)

09 Phobik - Pressure Switch

10 Dementio13 - Interoceter Exchange (UK)

11 Organic Despair - Never Realized (France)

12 Artemis - Seven (USA)

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Pixicast 010 - UK and Far Away
March 08, 2011 07:59 PM PST
Far out! There's some fantastic 'eclectric' music coming out of the UK. Mixed up here with hand selected independent electronica from Norway, Canada, Russia, USA, Philippines and Australia. Guitars, pianos, voices, synths, reverberant bass and micro glitches. Hosted by Pixieguts. 01 Matt Stevens - Lake Man (UK) 02 Ugress - Einhorn 22 (Norway) 03 Crimson Death - Bipolar (Canada) 04 Crimson Butterfly - Sativicon (Russia) 05 Autorotation - Autorrhea (UK) 06 Anne Garner - Haunt Me (UK) 07 emorej - Pale (Philippines) 08 Jim Robson - That's What I Said (Australia) 09 NVR-NDR - B Who U R (ICUH8N remix) (USA) 10 Dementio13 - Hold Steady (UK) 11 SK123 - Zero 8 (UK) 12 Northcape - Clear Moment (Distant Fires Burning Remix) (UK/Belgium) This episode was broadcast on ABC Radio National all over Australia on 8 April 2011.

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Pixicast 009 - Women in Electronica
December 21, 2010 11:30 PM PST
Women in electronic music: producers, vocalists, band members, instrumentalists, collaborators of various style round the cyber world. Independent trip-hop, industrial, psy, ambient, folktronic, idm, electro from Bermuda, UK, Belgium, Canada, France, USA, Germany, Cyprus, Russia. Hosted by Pixieguts. 01 1undread - The Gift (Bermuda) 02 ManMadeMan - Set To Fly (UK) 03 Psy'Aviah feat. Ayria - Into The Game (Belgium/Canada) 04 Virus B - Why (France) 05 Jillian Ann - King of Solitude (Adrian Carter's Remix) (USA/UK) 06 adamned.age - Trip down memory lane (Germany) 07 SXTheMadArtist - Psychogenic Disorientation (Cyprus) 08 The Ne Plus Ultra - Blue Angel (USA) 09 Dj Sid-The Apocalypze feat. Calendar Girl - September (USA/UK) 10 THEreminGIRL - Fresh (Russia) 11 Artemis - Easy (USA) 12 Corrientes - Forever And A Day (USA) 13 Lady Venom - Happy House (USA) Special thanks to Dj Crimson Death for additional mastering this episode. This episode was broadcast on ABC Radio National all over Australia on 4 Feb 2011. Thanks for our ears!

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Pixicast 008 - Suspect Vertigo
Explicit X
August 21, 2010 03:06 AM PDT
Dave Voide is back with Pixicast 008 and a program of dreamy eclectrica up and down tempo. Super global show with artists from USA, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Trinidad/Tobago, Bermuda, Poland, Canada, Spain, UK, Philippines. 01 Darkat - Speak the Slang (battle edit) (USA) 02 Little Red Cottage - I Go Easy feat. Pixieguts - Cottage Mix (Sweden/Australia) 03 VFSix - Paradise (Russia) 04 vedad hodzic - deep (feat. muammar) (Bosnia/Herzegovina) 05 Buffalo Soldier - The Atomic Bomb (Trinidad/Tobago) 06 1undread - Spacemonkey ina Jungle part2 (Bermuda) 07 Brookat - eDoyen (Poland) 08 Crimson Death vs. Pixieguts - Glass and Skin (Canada/Australia) 09 Quantica - Quantic Motion (Spain) 10 Reconsiderate - If It Were Up To Me (USA) 11 Ross Crean - Sleepers (Titee Dreemyx) (USA/Australia) 12 Waffle Man - And we're Ok now (UK) 13 emorej - Stars (Philippines) 14 Sal Boca - feel the life (original mix) (UK) 15 Runman - suspect vertigo (Australia) Jointly programmed by host producer Voide (Stockholm) and Pixieguts (Australia). Find us at Palace music network.

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Solipsistic Nation Guest Show
November 26, 2009 11:26 PM PST
Pixicast loves the world of cyber collaboration and so we're pleased to have been invited to guest program a show on Solipsistic Nation, a fantastic long running electronic music podcast from San Diego USA. This episode includes an interview with Pixieguts, co-programmer and publisher of Pixicast and a fine lineup of eclectic electronic music from USA, UK, France, Norway, Canada and Mexico. Musical references in this selection include ambient, dnb, jazz, techno, minimal, glitch, hip-hop. click any track link to replay, buy and/or download individual tunes 01 GreenGender - Recondite Loss (USA) 02 Dementio13 - Disappeared (The Ballad Of Milton Friedman) (UK) 03 Interview with Pixieguts (Australia) 04 Humeka - The Sound (France) 05 HipGnosis - Underground Looms (USA) 06 Ugress - Robot Army (Norway) 07 Crimson Death - Koka Kola (Canada) 08 Gurdonark - Hope (USA) 09 Reconsiderate - Hey, Thanks! (USA) 10 SK123 - Ankylosing Spondylitis (UK) 11 The Incognito Traveller - Marguerite (Mexico)

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